Feb 13, 2009-Friday 13 Theme

There doesn’t seem to be anything intelligent about
FRIDAY 13th phobia but
"just in case"
today’s email is covered in faery dust
for your protection.


I’m having my usual morning coffee but I’m feeling a bit

weary so today’s This ‘n’ That will be brief.

I’m gearing up for tomorrow!!!

Look Out Cupid!






Our favorite shade of feathers seems content

enough about today being FRIDAY 13th.




Some of us are ready for anything.



Others of us just ignore the whole idea but

prepare to go on the road (run).




I’m being careful to not mention the FRIDAY 13th

s u p e r s t i t i o n

of the middle ages to any of the children.



Instead of thinking about FRIDAY 13th being today

we’re preparing a birthday feast for those of you

reading this who share the birth date of

other famous people born FEBRUARY 13.

1974 Robbie Williams (singer, entertainer)
1950 Peter Gabriel (singer, video maker)
1944 Stockard Channing (actress)
1944 Jerry Springer (TV Host)
1942 Peter Tork (guitarist, singer, tv performer)
1942 Carol Lynley (Jones) (actress)
1941 Bo Svenson (actor)
1938 Oliver Reed (actor)
1934 George Segal (actor)
1933 Kim (Marilyn) Novak (actress)
1930 Dotty McGuire (singer)
1925 Gene Ames (singer)
1923 Chuck Yeager (aviator)
1920 Eileen Farrell (opera singer)
1919 Tennessee Ernie Ford (country singer)
1911 Jean Muir (Fullarton) (actress)
1892 Grant Wood (painter)
1885 Bess Truman (wife of president truman)
1873 L.L. Bean (founder mail-order company)



In the meantime my 6 cats are behaving normally


























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