Feb 12, 2009-Ladybug Theme

for all your wonderful comments and shares.
Wednesday was a better day
for me than Tuesday night
 when those tornadoes in
Oklahoma hit in two places where I have relatives.
Of course, there’s not many areas in OK that I DON’T
have relatives.  Both Edmond, where my son lives and
Lone Grove where my mom and sister live were hit.
My daughter in Lawton slept in the cellar so all are safe.
Today we’re happy to hear familiar voices
of people we sometimes neglect.
To All those born on12.
Some others born that birthdate are:
1980 Christina Ricci (actress)
1955 Arsenio Hall (actor, comedian, tv host)
1953 Joanna Kerns (actress)
 1950 Steve Hackett (singer, guitarist)
1939 Ray Manzarek (keyboardist)
1938 Judy Blume (writer)
1936 Joe Don Baker (actor)
1934 Bill Russell (basketballer)
1923 Franco Zeffirelli (Corsi) (director)
1919 Forrest Tucker (actor)
1917 Dom (Dominic) DiMaggio (baseball
Seems you are in very good company, my birthday friends!
Go Here For The Gift I’ve Reserved Especially For You!
The one I made for you!
"Presence is more than just being there."
– Malcolm S. Forbes
Protect Bushes
  Invert bushel baskets over small bushes during cold
weather to protect them. Anchor with old-fashion wood
clothespins, shoved over the wire handles of the baskets.
It’s almost time for tulips to begin peekin out.
Soon afterwards those lil ladybugs will show up
to keep the aphids from destroying the beauty of flowers.
First Day of Spring
Days until Friday, March 20th, 2009 35
Until We Meet Again,
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